Masatepe, Nicaragua


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Sergio Ramírez

As an elected Vice President of the Sandinista government between 1984-1990, the Nicaraguan politician and author Sergio Ramírez decisively witnessed and shaped the events in his country. Adiós, Muchachos! (2001) is a retrospective view on the time of the Sandinista Revolution.

By this time already founder of a political party, Ramírez‘ main concern, however, is not vengeance: With his book, that caused a stir throughout Latin America, he tried to develop new perspectives for a democratic Nicaragua. Ramírez is active in literature and politics since the Sixties. By the end of the Seventies, he had founded the ,group 12‘, a coalition of intellectuals, which diplomatically flanked the military actions of ,Frente Sandinista‘. His special interest is in the phenomenon of dictatorship and the social structures that enable it. In 2004 his collection of stories Forgive and Forget was published, and most recently The Divine Punishment (2012) appeared in cooperation with Thomas Brovot.