San Francisco, USA


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Scott Bradfield

Scott Bradfield was born in 1955 in San Francisco. After an apprenticeship as a bookseller, he studied at the University of California in Los Angeles and Irvine where he received his doctorate with a thesis on the American novel and subsequently taught American literature for five years in Irvine.

Bradfield’s first novel, The History of Luminous Motion was published in 1989 followed by short-story collections as well as the novels What’s wrong with America (1997), Animal Planet (2000) and Good Girls Wants it Bad (2005). In addition to his non-fiction book Dreaming Revolution: Transgression in the Development of American Romance Bradfield wrote also for film and television. Furthermore, he has worked as a journalist and literary critic. Bradfield‘s novels are multilayered examinations of the U.S. American society equipped with a good dose of black humor, most recently published in his novel The people who saw them pass (2013), written from the perspective of a three-year-old.