Buenos Aires, Argentina


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel was born in Buenos Aires in 1948. He grew up in Israel and Argentina and is a Canadian citizen. He is fluent in numerous languages and worked in Paris, Milan, London and Toronto as a publisher’s editor, professor of literature and translator.

Reading to Jorge Luis Borges between 1964 and 1968, the writer being already blind at the time, was an experience that marked him profoundly. His book A History of Reading was translated into almost every language ​and awarded the Prix Médicis in 1989. A Reading Diary, published in 2005, is a contemporary’s intimate journal and a declaration of love to reading itself: the author reflects on reading his favorite books another time within a year. Further published by the S. Fischer Verlag were his novels All Men Are Liars (Alle Menschen lügen, 2010), A City of Words (Eine Stadt aus Worten, 2011) and The Overdiscriminating Lover (Zwei Liebhaber des Schattens, 2013).