Tirol, Austria


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Raoul Schrott

Raoul Schrott was born in 1964 in Landeck, Tirol. He studied Literature and Linguistics in Innsbruck, Norwich, Paris and Berlin and he became a professor in 1996 at the Institute for Comparative Literature at the University of Innsbruck.

His anthology The Invention of Poetry (1998) caused a sensation, containing newly translated poems from all cultures over the past 4000 years. Schrott is in command of many rare languages, including Provençal, Occitan and Gaelic. In 2005, the collection of essays Handbook of Cloud Cleaning was published and in 2008 his controversial historical novel Homer‘s homeland. The Battle for Troy and its Actual Backgrounds. His most recent publications are Love Poems (2010), Poetry and the Brain (2011, with Arthur Jacobs) and The Silent Child (2012). In 2012 he held the Chair of Poetry together with Christoph Ransmayr at the University of Tübingen.