Tel Aviv, Israel


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Etgar Keret
אתגר קרת

Etgar Keret was born in Tel Aviv in 1967 and publishes short stories and comics since 1991. His anthologies have been translated into nine languages.

He writes for television productions and teaches at the Film Academy in Tel Aviv. Keret has produced more than 40 short films. His short stories, comics and short films mirror the lifestyle oft he younger Israeli generation. All of Keret’s books are bestsellers in Israel. In his short story collection Cheap Moon (2003), the author proves that he is serious when he writes: „The best weapons to defend oneself against something that seems hopeless are humor and wit.“ Many of his collections of short stories are available in German translation: Pizzeria Kamikaze (2000), The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God & Other Stories (2001) and Suddenly, a Knock on the Door (2012).

„The best weapons against something that seems hopeless are humour and witticism.“

Etgar Keret