Paris, France


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

Cécile Wajsbrot

Born in 1954 in Paris, Wajsbrot studied Romance studies and comparative literature at the Paris-Sorbonne University. She has been working as a French teacher, editor and literary critic since. She has also been translating, from English (i.a. Virginia Woolf, Arthur Conan Doyle) as well as from German (i.a. Gert Ledig, Stefan Heym). In 2007, Wajsbrot was guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.

She has published a variety of novels, anthologies and essays, her latest novel published in France is Totale Éclipse (2014). It is the fourth part of Wajsbrot’s Haute Mer cycle of novels which deals with the production and reception of art. Furthermore, Wajsbrot produces audio dramas and in 2012 she worked with the composer Frédéric Patter during the Festival d’Automne in Paris to perform the musical poem Nachtkreis at the auditorium of the Opéra Bastille. Since 1989, Wajsbrot live as freelance writer and translator in Paris.