Gyula, Hungary


Samuel Fischer Guest Professor

László Krasznahorkai

László Krasznahorkai was born in Gyula, Hungary, in 1954. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. A number of his books were translated into German, including the novel War and War (1999) and his book about Japan: From the North a Mountain, from the South a Lake, from the West some Roads, from the East a River (2005).

The publication of The World Goes On by S. Fischer is scheduled for 2014. László Krasznahorkai was awarded the Brücke-Berlin Prize for his novel Seiobo There Below in 2010 and the Spycher Literature Prize Leuk in 2010. Bela Tarr adapted some of Krasznahorkai books for the screen, including Satantango and The Melancholy of Resistance, under the title Werckmeister Harmonies.